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15 September 2013 @ 10:52 pm

Oh my! I do hope the artist is working on similar pictures of the other guys, too!
Windsbraut, thank you so much!
24 March 2013 @ 09:37 pm
No idea if someone is still interested in my old work but I'm posting on deviantart some of my old fanarts and fanmangas... because I'll be sad if they'll go completely forgotten expecially considering the lack of SB/SRaTSS fanarts and fancomics...
19 August 2012 @ 11:30 am

Did somebody save SRatSS-fanfictions in German or English? Does somebody know where I can still find fanfictions in English? I'm searching for some fics and hope you can help me.

The first is an English fanfic about Jesse and Saber. It was called "It's my town" or something like that and I can't find it. Not sure about the author.

I'm also still searching for the fanfics of the "elevator-challenge", the "fireplace-challenge" and the "cabin-challenge" from badlander.de. Trista doesn't have them anymore and except for a few stories from fanfiction.net I couldn't find a thing.

Did somebody save the fanfictions of Ele and could give them to me? I think she took them down when Geocities closed and I couldn't get an answer.

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09 August 2012 @ 09:12 pm
Found at anime-house.de:

There will be not only a Saber Rider Game, but an audio drama, too! However, it's only in German, but the characters will have the voices from the series.

Now I don't really know whether to be happy - or sad, because it's a sequel of the series (5 years afther the last episode of the series) and although I'm really glad about more Saber Rider, I'm afraid about character changes and how they view the relations between the characters or character development.
I like to argue against the flood of all the senseless and consumption inducing cartoon series of today with those series that I grew up with. Sure, they often did not have much of a storyline themself, but at least they taught us children some values. Don't take drugs, don't bully the weak but rather help them... such basic rules were recited to us at the end of many an episode of for example He-Man. Much better than "catch 'em all" - i.e. buy them all. My basic explanation for today's series is this:
Someone has an unpopular toy and in order to sell it, they come up with a fancy name for it and produce a TV series. This way you make boring spinning tops into cool Bayblades with lots of accessories and it all sells like crazy. (One almost has to admire the marketing guys a little bit for the latter part - I mean, who ever woud come up with accessories for spinning tops?)
To sum it up: The series today are crappy and only made to make the kids buy stupid toys.
Anyway, let's get back to those childhood heroes of ours. Their immaculate conception is put into question by a recent Spiegel article. Therein we are told about the toy producing company Mattel at the beginning of the 80's and its frantic search for some new action figure. Its boss had turned down an offer by a new regisseur to market his new movies' toy figueres... The regisseurs name: George Lucas. I don't think we even need to mention his "new movie". That one must have hurt Mattels boss a great deal!
So now, they were searching for something new action figure to market and they found it in "bodybuilder-barbarians with high tech weapons that were put together by the developer out of bodyparts of older dolls.
For the first sample of what his figures were to look like he enhanced the mountains of muscle of his dolls by adding lots of clay. The barbarians armor for one of the figures was made out of plastic tablecloth, the helmet for another one was a broken off and repurposed top of a tank. Another models helmet was had been stolen from a Boba Fett figure.
The boss liked the idea and Mattel produced a first batch of cheap figures: He-Man got some friends and together they fought evil Skeletor, a blue muscleman with a green-yellow skullface. Basically, only the heads and the colors of the figures differed, as there were only two different casting molds for bodies - to keep the production costs down. Some of the figures were simple recycles from other series. Thus the tiger from the unsuccessful Big Jim series, which was basically to large scaled for the smaller Masters figures, was given a new paint job and a saddle and became He-Mans mount.
(Here is the link to the Spiegel article, in German though.)
Wow, He-Man, a cheap plasic viking, produced not to entertain children and teach them values, but to sell toys? It'll take time to wrap my head around that one, but unfortunately, it sounds all to pausible. The 6-year old girl inside of me is crying!
Let's hope she'll never have to hear anything the like about her favorite Star Sheriffs. Imagine that: Sci-Fi Cowboys, Bandais new Cash Cow... Storyline cheaply copied from Star Wars. This would explain the large amount of merchandise though, that still keeps surprising me... *groan* Oh God!
Let's just not go there.
13 February 2012 @ 04:33 pm


English translation: 
Okay, I want to know what you are d....
What the hell is a 'Saber Rider'?

This was made, when the artist found out, there was going to be a Saber Rider Video Game.
And yesterday Firehazard released a new video to keep our appetite for said game up.

... Am I too spoiled, when I am not exactly thrilled. There is just Saber running around shooting Outriders and Ramrod shooting Renegades. Also, Ramrod is somewhat too shiny for me. It's great that there will be a game, but I'm worried it might just be a shooter and nothing else. The soundtrack is wonderfull, but I really don't like the graphics. In its day, the series' graphics were way ahead of their time, making it still beautiful to watch today, but this game just looks below average to me. Please, please, please let there be a good story!!!

04 January 2012 @ 01:50 pm
Deviant Art not only features great DIY merchandise, but some beautiful fanart by very talented artists as well!

Little Saber is soo adorable! Thanks neunstern.

Equally sqee-worthy is Colt with his little buddy by AosakiKeiko.

Also very talented: Schandmaeulchen.

Really gorgeous: Shinji and Perios in Yukata by Noelisa! I love Fireballs Bunny-Yukata!

And last but not least: A very cute Fireball by Aiko-Mustang. ^_^
03 January 2012 @ 01:02 pm
Ohhh, during Christmas I did some more surfing on deviant Art and found a few more cute projects, that I absolutely adore!

First of all, a little Jesse plushy to hug and cuddle by Binechan! Girl, this turned out great! Can I have one too, please!

Then there is cake - no lie! JesseSaphir, congrats and thanks.

(Ok, the Japanese is not entirely correct, but the Idea in intriguing. I doubt that I could eat it in the end, though...)

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05 December 2011 @ 03:13 pm
Ohhh, I'm once again impressed, as to what people can and do create when they are dedicated.

Now, this might just be early Christmas for some of you guys - it certainly is for me - as you can download the file, print it out and build it yourself: April or Fireball as Cube-Art!
Here's what it looks like when finished:

Thanks Joeyquest99!

Also impressive and way more difficult to reproduce:
Colt's helmet and blaster!

If I understand him right, he's planning on a whole costume eventually. I'm really waiting for a pictures of the rest.