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19 August 2012 @ 11:30 am
Searching for Fanfics  

Did somebody save SRatSS-fanfictions in German or English? Does somebody know where I can still find fanfictions in English? I'm searching for some fics and hope you can help me.

The first is an English fanfic about Jesse and Saber. It was called "It's my town" or something like that and I can't find it. Not sure about the author.

I'm also still searching for the fanfics of the "elevator-challenge", the "fireplace-challenge" and the "cabin-challenge" from badlander.de. Trista doesn't have them anymore and except for a few stories from fanfiction.net I couldn't find a thing.

Did somebody save the fanfictions of Ele and could give them to me? I think she took them down when Geocities closed and I couldn't get an answer.

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